Our intensive Bible School Program is designed to provide a practical understanding of the centrality of Christ in the Christian life through Biblical Study, daily life in a community living environment, and outreach projects in the local neighbourhood. Our Bible School Program is offered in English.

Fall Bible School 2019

Monday September 16 - Thursday December 12

Tuition - $5,525

USD Equivalent : Approx. $4,100 USD*

Winter Bible School 2020

Monday January 6 - Thursday April 16

Tuition - $6,375

USD Equivalent : Approx. $4,700 USD*

One Year (both Bible Schools) 2019/2020

Monday Sept 16 - Thursday April 16

Tuition - $10,750 (Reduction of $1,150)

USD Equivalent : Approx. $8,000 USD*

* USD rate subject to change based on fluctuating exchange rates

Bursaries available for
Québec residents


Capernwray Quebec (CQBC) is a Christ-centred Bible school founded on the timeless truths and person of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and His daily resurrection life. CQBC features practical Biblical teaching through a variety of methods ranging from studying God’s Word through classroom lectures and discussion, to experiential learning via outdoor and cultural activities.

Studies include many books of the Bible a well as some topical courses. Lecture-style, discussion format, research and study skills, presentations and weekly interaction with the text through journal entries provide great opportunity for growth and understanding. Students are offered personal attention and oversight throughout the course.

This is a great opportunity to put principle into practice within the body of Christ!


Who is Bible School For?

Students come from all avenues of life, with the common denominator being the desire to know Christ more intimately. This being the case, our main focus and aim is to encourage each student to personally draw closer to Christ.


It is our purpose to train men and women…

…    in a working knowledge of Jesus Christ the Living Word;

…    to know Him more deeply and personally as their risen and indwelling Lord, through personal disciplines of studying, meditating on and communicating the message of God's Written Word;

... to discover and prove in everyday experience the reality of the Christian life: Christ's life in and through them;

... be more effective members of their local church;

... for equipment for full-time Christian service, regardless of their occupation!


 A Unique Experience!

Our location in French-speaking Québec offers students the opportunity to experience the culture and language of Québec while being part of an English-speaking programme. Weekly French classes are offered. 

In addition to culture, CQBC offers students optional opportunities to learn through outdoor adventure! These outdoor components are built on timeless and relevant life principles focussing on healthy Christian community living, team building, communication, leadership, and problem solving.


Would you like more information about Bible School? Take two minutes and fill out this Info Request Form and we'll be happy to send you everything you need to apply to Capernwray Quebec. If you would prefer to apply online, fill out our Online Application form to sign up for Bible School.