The curriculum, with an integrated balance of both Old and New Testament books, covers most books of the Bible and some related topical series. The normal schedule includes 20 classes each week, taught by resident & guest lecturers from around the world. 

Students will be encouraged and challenged in these courses and will be given personal counsel and discipleship in their studies for practical application. They also work with staff in daily domestic and maintenance duties, as well as a full day per week of practical work on the property. The CQBC Staff is fully committed to the attention and growth of each student.

Curriculum Out-Trips
Curriculum Out-Trips are outings that are planned as part of the Capernwray Quebec curriculum. 

Some highlights include being billeted with French families in Rimouski and getting to know the area, temple tours and serving practically at a Camp in Québec.  

For more information, email our office and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have!