In an effort to better meet the needs of this growing ministry, we have undertaken to construct a new Conference and Meeting room, as well as office space. This allows much greater flexibility and programming within the conferencing season and also allows Conferencing to run alongside Bible School, thus increasing our ministry reach!

Currently, the new office and conference room is in use and the siding of the new construction should be completed by Christmas! 


The next steps include: 

Installing the drop ceiling in the conference room

Completing the meeting room

Siding the office section

Renovating the office/guest bathrooms



We have been blessed to many donations and grants towards this expansion project.


If you are interested in contributing financially to this project or would like more information, you can email or call us at 1-877-882-1361

Thank-you for participating in this project with us through prayer and finances. We are excited to see how the Lord will make Himself known in Quebec more and more through the ministry here at Capernwray Québec.