Financing, Budgeting and Expenses for Capernwray Quebec Bible School

We receive numerous questions regarding finances for Bible School, so we have included a page with frequently asked questions and a few suggestions that you will hopefully find beneficial in planning for your time at Bible School.  

How much does Bible School cost?

Fall Bible School runs from September to December with a tuition fee of $5,525 CAD (USD Equivalent : Approx. $4,100 USD*), Winter Bible school runs from January to April with a tuition fee of $6,375 CAD (USD Equivalent : Approx. $4,700 USD*), Our One-Year Programme runs from September until April. The tuition fee is $10,750 CAD - reduction of $1,150 (USD Equivalent : Approx. $8,000 USD*). Our tuition is counted as a charitable donation and receipts will be distributed for income tax purposes for Canadians. 
* USD rate subject to change based on fluctuating exchange rates

Do you have a scholarship fund or any financial aid?

Our desire is to assist each student in coming to Bible School by coming alongside them and working out the details with tuition and payments. We can offer a variety of different payment plans in order to assist your unique needs. If you contact the office at Capernwray Quebec, they can help you work out the details of your payment plan. 

Unfortunately we do not have scholarships, however, we do have a student fund that makes it easy for family and friends to donate to individual students. See ‘Budgeting for Bible School’ for more information. 

Budgeting for Bible School

One of the struggles many students face in coming to Bible School is in the area of finances. The tuition for the full year programme can be overwhelming, but God is faithful and wants us to draw near in complete dependence on Him in this area as we learn to rely on Him and He proves Himself faithful.  While depending on God in the area of finances, there are some practical steps you can take, which are listed below: 

Our tuition fees are tax deductible as they are considered to be a charitable donation in Canada. This can result in a substantial tax refund for some. This is a good thing to let your family, friends and church know about who may want to support you financially.

See if your church family would be interested in supporting you as you go to Bible School. There are a lot of churches that are excited to support students and would want to make a donation toward a student desiring to go to Bible School. Their prayer support is also of great value.

If you are working currently, or plan to work before school, consider setting aside a certain amount each month to save up money for tuition. Christmas Break and Spring Break are also great times to be able to work for a short amount of time to earn some money to put toward tuition. 

Please Note:

Students must provide their own financial support as scholarships are not available from Capernwray Quebec. 

All fees must be paid in Canadian dollars. Fees are considered a charitable donation for Income Tax purposes in Canada.
Canada Immigration Officers will require proof of financial support at the Port of Entry into Canada and/or when issuing a student visa for non-Canadians.

How do I pay for Bible School?

For your tuition, paying by bank or electronic transfer is a convenient, low-fee option that works internationally. We also accept cheques, Canadian money orders, cash, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and debit cards. We are happy to discuss what payment option works best for you.

On registration day, if there is a larger sum due, please be aware of your daily/monthly charge or withdrawal limits (if using a card). For international students, it is also recommended to advise your credit card company in advance that you will be in Quebec.

Are there any extra expenses besides the tuition fees at Capernwray Quebec Bible School? 

There are some curriculum out-trips throughout the year, but the cost for those will be included in your tuition.  There are three optional day trips throughout the year which will cost approximately $30 each (Quebec City, Mont Tremblant & Ottawa). 

Cost of books is included in student tuition 

The cost for laundry is $1 per wash and $1 per dry and there is a small tuck shop on property where snacks or toiletries can also be purchased. 

Do I need health insurance? What do you recommend?

All students must have medical insurance coverage. Canadian students will be covered under their own medical plans, but students from other countries will need coverage.  Coverage for emergency medical expenses is what is required. Contact us if you do not have coverage and we can direct you to a company for visitors to Canada.

Do I need a computer at Capernwray?

Students are welcome to bring laptops for classroom use. The majority of students still handwrite their assignments; therefore, it is not a necessity. Student printers are not available, however documents can be printed at the Main Office for $.10 per page. Internet is available for a cost of $25 for the year.