Andrew Dusing
Assistant Director, Maintenance Manager

Andrew was born and raised in South Dakota, USA. After high school, Andrew attended Bible school at Timberline Lodge in Colorado, where he began a journey of learning that the Christian life is found in an active relationship with Christ, rather than religious activities.  Andrew then worked as a carpenter in Colorado before following God’s leading to Capernwray Québec in 2009 with his wife, Lisa.  Andrew is thankful for the many opportunities he has at CQBC to walk alongside students and staff both spiritually and practically.  His hobbies include building things in the workshop, gardening, and spending time with his family.


Lisa Dusing
Staffing, Food Services and Hospitality Manager, Special Events Planner

Lisa was born in Germany, but raised in Colorado and South Dakota.  Lisa received a B.A. in Human Communication from a Christian university, but was excited to use her love of food and cooking when she and Andrew joined the team at Capernwray Québec in 2009.  Lisa appreciates how food can be a great tool to facilitate community, and looks for how she can offer a taste of Christ’s love and care to the people around her.  If she’s not experimenting in the kitchen on some new recipe, Lisa also loves snowboarding, reading, and spending time with students. She is blessed to take care of her and Andrew's three young boys: Isaiah, Ezra, and Judah.


Jay McIntyre
Dean of Students and Bible School Registrar

Jay’s first connection with Capernwray Québec was in 2003, when he attended as a student and then served on staff for a year.  After returning to his home in Toronto, he and his wife Michelle wondered for the next 10 years if and how God would direct them back to the ministry of Capernwray Québec.  God’s leading became clear to them in 2014, when Jay and Michelle were thrilled to join the ministry here.  Jay has past ministry experience with Urban Promise Toronto, The Scott Mission, and Spring Garden Church.  Jay is always ready for a good conversation, and especially enjoys discussing coffee, hockey, and photography.  He and Michelle have three children who are enjoying life in Québec.


Michelle McIntyre
Domestics & Hospitality and Health Coordinator

Michelle grew up in Ontario, and after being involved with Urban Promise Toronto, spent a term at Capernwray Québec as a student in the spring of 2002. A fondness and love for the ministry remained with her throughout the following years, as Michelle went on to work in social services as a child and youth care worker.  Michelle has a heart for the hurting and broken, with a deep desire to point others to Christ for healing and transformation.  You can find Michelle with a cup of coffee in hand, ready for an adventure! Michelle and Jay are blessed by their three children: Rylie, Nathan, and Benjamin.


Julie Hiebert
Head Cook

After high school, Julie left her home in Northwestern Ontario to attend a year of Bible school here at Capernwray Québec.  Julie deeply appreciated the time of intentionally digging into the Bible and investing in her relationship with Jesus.  Julie's desire for others to do the same, along with her love of the kitchen, brought her back as Capernwray's Head Cook in 2016.  She is excited about the opportunities to get to know people and encourage them in their relationship with Jesus. Julie is known for her love of spinach, creative sweet culinary creations, and for always being willing to help wherever is needed!


Jonathan Dorsay
Conferencing Coordinator, Music Ministry Assistant

Jonathan came to Bible school at Capernwray Québec in 2017, encouraged by a long history of friends and family who have attended Torchbearers Centres.  Though he was born and raised in British Columbia, Jonathan is excited to be back in the province of Québec again! He appreciates the uniqueness of the Québec culture, and enjoys connecting with the Québecois people—while also continuing to study French.  Jonathan also values being able to be a part of the community at CQBC, where there is an international body of people eager to learn more about God. If he’s not hosting groups or interacting with students and guests, you can find Jonathan playing, making, or listening to music—and always ready for an impromptu jam session!


Marvin Schiller
Maintenance Assistant

Marvin comes from South Germany, but was excited for the opportunity to experience Canada and work in the beautiful woods at Capernwray Québec on the Maintenance team! Marvin is thankful to have this year to serve the Lord and connect with other Christians.  Marvin’s hobbies include working with wood, figuring out how to build new machines, and photography. And, if you’re really lucky, Marvin will cook you some meat in the smoker he built over the summer!


Anne Hoye
Office Administration, Bible School and Staffing Secretary

After attending the Bible school program at Capernwray Hall a few years ago, Anne had an ongoing desire to work at a Torchbearers centre.  Anne was drawn to Québec because she loves to experience different cultures, and also wanted to improve her French language skills.  This year, Anne is serving faithfully in the CQBC office, where she is a welcoming first connection for many guests, students, and staff!  Being from California, Anne is looking forward to experiencing her first snowy Québec winter.  She also enjoys acting, creative writing, and film in her spare time, and is always ready to share a line or two from Shakespeare.


Camrynn Delaney
Assistant Cook
Camrynn is a native of Alberta, Canada, and did two years in the Bible school program at CQBC, first as a student and then as an intern.  Camrynn’s desire to come back and serve at Capernwray Québec in the kitchen came from her love for the community here, and from getting to see the Lord work so clearly in students’ lives. If she’s not cooking or baking (for fun or for work), you can also find Camrynn with a paintbrush in hand….or planning the next fun group event!


Laura Böehringer
Domestics Assistant
After finishing high school, Laura desired to experience a new culture in a place where she could also grow in her faith and relationship with the Lord. This desire became the catalyst for Laura to come from Germany to spend the year serving at Capernwray Québec.  Laura’s sweet, gentle nature is a blessing to our guests, students, and staff, as she diligently works to provide a clean environment that all can enjoy!  Laura also loves spending time with children, painting, and playing games.

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Anna Schmidtlein
Bookkeeper, Student Resources Assistant
Anna came from Germany to attend Bible School at Capernwray Québec in 2017, after studying architecture in university.  Shortly after Bible school ended, God made it clear that He was calling Anna back to CQBC to invest in the ministry, students, and community here. Anna loves to pour into people’s lives and encourage them on towards Christ, and she is excited to be a part of all that God is doing in the people that come through our doors!   If she’s not spending time with friends or hiking through God’s creation, Anna also enjoys creative design and music.