Pastors Retreat 2017
May 1-3, 2017

Our pastor's retreat is an opportunity for you and your spouse to join us and focus on refreshment and rejuvenation.  Our time together will include Time in the word, fellowship with other pastors, great meals, leisure activities and time to simply relax.

Clayton Dougan
Clayton and and his wife Isobel have ministered for over four decades in evangelism and Bible teaching both in Canada and internationally. They continue to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, whether at conferences, camps, interdenominational churches, Bible schools, such as Capernwray Harbour in BC and here at Capernwray Quebec, or through personal relationships and mentoring. Clayton says "We are all about telling people how their lives can be immeasurably enriched and filled with hope through a growing relationship with God's Son, Jesus Christ. We are also about introducing people to, and helping everyone understand, the life changing principles in God's word - The Bible."

During the Pastor's retreat, Clayton will look at some of Jesus' teachings on prayer and how we can apply these principles of prayer to our everyday lives as we seek to live a life of prayer and connectedness to the Lord.

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